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Roof Replacement

Ready for a New Roof? 

Learn what a roof replacement service includes and what we offer to you.


What is a Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement service involves various steps with the final result of building a lasting roof system. These steps include:


1. Complete removal of the existing roof layer(or layers).


2. Repairing or replacing the roof deck such as plywood. This could also include replacing rafters, fascia or barge boards.


3. Installing new roofing materials with proper flashing and waterproofing.


4. Updating of attic ventilation systems if needed.


5. Cleaning up the job site, and conducting a final inspection to ensure quality.


Roof Replacement

Reroofing is frequently mistaken for roof replacement, even among professionals. However, reroofing involves adding another layer of shingles to an existing roof, primarily to reduce costs in waste, disposal, and labor. We don't offer this service due to concerns about quality assurance. Since the existing roof isn't removed, underlying issues with shingles or decking may go unaddressed. Additionally, our preferred shingle manufacturer, CertainTeeed, doesn't warrant any reroof work.


Do I Need to Replace my Roof?

The optimal time for roof replacement is when it approaches the end of its lifespan. A 3-tab shingle roof lasts 15-20 years, while a dimensional roof can endure 25-30 years. However, waiting too long can lead to increased risks of leaks or damage to the roof decking, potentially raising replacement costs. Watch for signs like excessive granule loss from shingles, seen as black spots or granules in gutters or downspouts, which can cause clogging. If neighbors are replacing their roofs, it may indicate similar build timelines. Other signs include cracked, curled, or missing shingles, and a sunken or wavy roof appearance which may suggest compromised decking below.

If your roof only has damage in a small area a repair might be right for you. 

Benefits of a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement offers several benefits to homeowners. Modern roofing materials improve insulation, potentially reducing utility costs. A new roof enhances a home's aesthetic appeal, increasing its overall value in the housing market. Plus, transferrable warranties add extra coverage and property value. Overall, investing in a new roof offers immediate protection and energy efficiency, along with long-term advantages like increased property value and reduced maintenance.

What we Offer

Quality Workmanship and Products

We guarantee expert installation with top-quality CertainTeed materials, ensuring a durable and reliable roof. Our craftsmanship warranty covers roof replacements from improper workmanship, while CertainTeed provides extensive coverage including materials, labor, tear-off, and disposal for up to 50 years against manufacturer defects. Additionally, our shingles are algae-resistant and come with warranties for 25 or 30 years, depending on the selection. These warranties are fully transferable to the next property owner for a period of 12 years after installation.

No Hidden Fees

You pay only for what you agree to. Typically, change orders are limited to unforeseen damages to decking uncovered during the tear-off process. Even then we make sure to present you the damage and get your approval before proceeding. 

No Deposit Required

No deposit is required to start construction on your roof. Payment is only due once all work is finished to your satisfaction.


Cleanup and Respect for your Property

We make sure to clean up the job site completely once the work is done and take care to minimize any disruption during the roofing process.

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