Our Mission

A New Ladder

Climbing a Ladder

This company was inspired by the older generation, my dad. He began roofing at a young age to provide not only food but a better life for us. For over 35 years, he has worked hard and taught me everything I know. 

Growing up, he would often take me along to clean-up jobs and learn about what it means to work. As the years passed, I learned more and more eventually learning to install and manage the crew. At the same time however, I became very familiar with the dangers of roofing, from stepping on nails and twisting my ankle to seeing my best friend fall and break his back. Roofing is an unpredictable job where any wrong step could leave you severely injured or worst, dead. Even if nothing were to happen, the sheer demand on the body would cause problems sooner or later.

I decided then to open up my own roofing business, with the support of my family, to help better the industry. Sadly, many workers are not valued considering all the risk and effort it takes to do the job. My hope is to make the trades a great opportunity, like college, to advance forward and build a good life. Going from clean-up laborer to installer to crew leader I realized how important job progression is. Therefore, I plan to offer people a real chance at acquiring new skills and knowledge to climb the new ladder of success.  

Thank you to everyone who supports us in making a greater new generation.

-Miguel Calderon Pina