Our Process

Roofing Replacement Process

We want to make sure you know what is being done every step of the way. Every topic below contains important information to help you understand and prepare for that phase of the project. You can reach out to us at any point for help.  

Contact Us

We prefer that you communicate to us through text or email as it makes it easier for us to respond. You can ask us anything through text before requesting any services. We will schedule an appointment within the week or the following if you want an estimate. During the assessment, we examine your roof and show you what we find. We advise on the best service for your roof based on price and longevity. 


If you choose to move forward with the estimate, we will provide a contract to determine payments, installation, change orders, warranties and more. Here are some things to consider when signing:

  • We require a 50% deposit of the total cost to begin construction. Not only will this cover material and other cost but also confirm your commitment to completing the job. The remaining 50% will be billed once the job is completed and we have inspected the work with you.

  • We provide to you 3 notices required by the state of Oregon. A notice about construction liens which includes information on how they work, common questions, and steps to take to protect yourself against them. A notice of procedure to inform you on steps required before starting an arbitration or lawsuit. A notice of consumer protection to inform you on license, bond, and insurance requirements as well as steps to protect yourself from bad contractors. 

  • Our contract will include the names of the products we use to assure you, we are not cutting corners and using cheaper, lower quality products.


Before we begin construction, we ask that you consider doing the following:

  • Remove or protect anything around your property that could be damaged during construction

  • Plan parking for the dump trailer and the roofing crew

  • Plan to have your cable provider reconnect your antenna or satellite dish if it is attached to the roof

  • Talk with everyone in your household about having off-limit areas until the project is completed

  • Possibly plan a day away from home, especially if you have kids or pets, as construction is quite loud and we work long hours

  • Identify and make accessible your power outlets

  • Remove or secure things attached to ceilings and walls as vibrations can cause them to fall and break, especially during deck work 

  • Cover belongings in your attic as some homes do not have plywood, and debris can fall directly onto them 

  • Inform your neighbors about your planned project   


During the roofing process, we make sure to keep in contact with you to address anything you might need. The project can typically be broken down to 5 steps which include, protection, tear-off, deck work, new installation, and clean-up. Here is a quick overview of each step. 

  1. When we arrive we make sure to protect your property with tarps and plywood to catch any falling debris.

  2. After setting up we will begin to tear-off the existing roof. To protect your home we haul the materials from the roof and dispose of them directly to the dump.

  3. Once the old roof has been remove we can inspect the decking and let you know if it needs replacing. A change order will be made for your approval to address the cost increase for replacing any decking.

  4. All new roofing products will be installed in accordance with manufactures specifications. This will provide quality work and a manufactures warranty.

  5. Once the job is completed we do a thorough clean-up. We make sure to blow away dust and granules and pass a magnet to pick up any metal pieces and nails.   

Final Inspection

Once the project has been completed, we will send an invoice and someone to collect the final payment. We ensure the crew did not miss anything by conducting a final inspection on the roof and around your home. We will also do a walk-around with you and discuss your experience working with us. If you believe we missed something or are dissatisfied with the work, we ask you to please make a list of the problems so we may return and go over it with the crew. If we caused any damage to your property, please let us know as soon as possible so we may resolve it.


We will award manufacturers and our workmanship warranties only after final payment has been made and cleared. The coverage offered will depend on the materials and service you selected. If there is ever a problem with your roof give us a call so we may return and resolve it. We recommend you maintain your new roof to ensure a lasting protective system.