Our Services

Roofing Replacements, Repairs and Maintenance

All services will be recommended only if your roof needs it and will be supported by proof. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Complete Roof Replacement

A roof replacement can be costly, but there is no better quality assurance than a new roof. It is a great opportunity to detect any problems under your roof. We get down to the decking (the plywood to which the shingles are nailed) and occasionally even rafters, removing any issues and build a new solid roof system on top. It can also serve as an upgrade considering the advancements in products and practices that have been made in recent years.


We offer a minimum 10 years limited workmanship warranty transferable once to the next owner with every new roof. Shingle manufacturers' warranties can vary on the shingles you choose but generally go from 20 to 50 years. However, nothing is more important than a contractor who honors them.


Roofs are measured in squares. A roofing square is 100 square feet of area, so a 19 square roof equals 1900 square feet of area. Typically companies charge $350 to $650 per roofing square. The less complicated your roofs design the lower the cost. Factors that increase the price are:

  • Pitch (the steeper the roof, the more expensive)

  • Size

  • Height

  • Complexity (valleys, pipes, vents, hip, ridge, walls) 

  • Decking (replacing any damaged plywood or rafters)

  • Having multiple layers

  • Chimneys and skylights

  • New shingles selected



Complete Roof Side Repair

This service is a smaller-scale version of a full roof replacement by limiting it to one face or side of a roof. The purpose of a repair is to extend the life of the existing roof until a full replacement is needed. Your existing roof, however, would have to allow for this service to be a viable option. If your roof has too many layers, a unique shape, damaged decking (the plywood on which the singles are nailed on) then it might be a better option to get a total roof replacement. This type of repair is warranted.

Emergency Roof Repair

An emergency repair would be needed when you have a small problem with your roof but requires immediate attention. Generally, it is to stop a leak form causing more damage to your home. It can save you money and give your roof more time until it needs a full replacement. If you need to fix any kind of flashing, vent, skylight, chimney, or damaged shingles a small repair is perfect. Unfortunately due to the small scale of the project and the inability to see any potential underlying problems this type of repair is not warranted. 


Roof Maintenance

Most homeowners do not check their roof; oftentimes, they have never even been on it. A roof maintenance service is a preventive measure meant to address any small issues that could become worst over time. It also includes other small improvements to help your roof last. These could include:

  • gutter cleaning

  • inspection for damages

  • re-caulking

  • re-nailing  

  • cutting branches away from the roof

  • blowing away leaves and other debris from roof